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Practical Welding Today July/August 2007
August 8, 2007
By: LA-CO Industries

Markal industrial markers

On any welding job, the right tools are essential for precision, efficiency and safety, and selecting the right marking tool is a key decision that is sometimes overlooked.

LA-CO®/Markal® provides the welding trade with durable options for high performance industrial markers, ensuring the welder's needs are met, every time.

Marks for Precision Cutting

When marking metal surfaces for fabrication, the professional has a wide variety of needs, including permanent, temporary, fineline and resistant to torch flame, and, of course, marks that retain high-visibility on aluminum and stainless steel. For permanent, accurate markings for metal layout and fabrication work, the Silver Streak® and Red-Riter® by Markal are both excellent choices. For temporary metal markings, Markal's Soapstone marking tools exceed the welder's functionality needs at an economical cost.

Temperature Indication

The welder's craft demands precise measurement of metal surface temperatures at each stage of the process. Markal's Thermomelt® family, the industry's largest, long-lasting "heat sticks" are available in 88 Fahrenheit ratings up to 2200 degrees and 29 Celsius ratings up to 1200 degrees with constant accuracy within ± 1%.

Marking Hot and Cold

For extreme temperature projects, Markal high temperature Paintstiks® are suitable for any surface that is smooth or rough, clean or oily. The real lead-free paintstiks come in a wide variety of formulas for extreme cold environments (down to -50 degrees F) as well as high-heat applications (up to 2200 degrees F).

Industrial Markers for Any Job

LA-CO®/Markal® provides real marking solutions for industrial needs. Other products to consider for your general marking needs include Markal's Valve-Action® Paint Markers, Pro-Line®, Dura-Ink® felt-tip markers and an array of Paintstiks that address every type of surface.

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