Cleaning cylinders internally and externally


August 8, 2007


LS Industries Cylinder Shot Blaster

Whether you are planning a full scale cylinder testing operation or just want to keep your cylinders looking clean and new, the Cylblast shot blasters from LS Industries are the answer.

Other methods of cleaning cylinders are more expensive, time consuming and less efficient than steel shot blasting. The LS Industries' external and internal shot blasters quickly and efficiently strip paint, rust and other surface impurities leaving a superior paint ready surface. In addition, the blasted cylinder can easily be inspected for damage prior to hydrostatic or ultrasonic testing. With over 30 years of engineering, design and manufacturing experience LS Industries Cylblast shot blasters will provide years of safe, environmentally friendly and economic cleaning, with many units still operating in the field after 25 years of service. LS Industries also offers standard Cylblast products for automated internal cylinder cleaning, flow through operations, and custom designed shot blasters to fit your specific requirements.

LS Industries is currently seeking welding industry distributors in the U.S., Canada, Asia, and Europe. For further information about LS and the products they engineer, design and manufacture visit www.lsindustries.comor contact LS directly by calling 316-265-7997 or toll free at 800-835-0218. LS Industries is dedicated to developing new technologies and new cleaning solutions. LS Industries' commitment and experience will carry it forward as an innovator and leading manufacturer of metal cleaning, profiling and surface preparation equipment.

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