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STAMPING Journal August 2007
August 8, 2007

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AIDA understands that stampers must respond to market demands or most likely they will not survive. For North American stampers, the need to maintain a competitive profile continues to dictate the necessity for flexible metalforming equipment choices that can meet current job demands and future requirements. Stampers with overseas locations or plans to globalize operations face a different challenge — the ability to obtain service and spare parts locally and meet the safety standards unique to individual regions. This means identifying an equipment supplier capable of supporting specialized requirements in multiple locations. AIDA is one of the few press builders able to serve growing world markets while meeting the unique service and manufacturing requirements of local regions.

Partnering with a press builder that offers total production systems and comprehensive services is key to helping stampers produce parts more competitively. AIDA is able to meet this need by providing complete metalforming solutions, flexible and efficient equipment, engineering application capability, integrated automation, on-time delivery, lower long-term equipment costs, certified safety and regulatory compliance and innovative new press designs. In addition, AIDA reinvests five percent of its annual revenue into research and development. In the last 10 years, AIDA has launched nine new press designs as well as ServoPro® Servoforming technology. A range of mechanical presses can be equipped with ServoPro including AIDA's NC gap press, NST tie-rod straightside press and unitized frame straightside NSU. AIDA has also developed breakthrough advances like lube-less pre-loaded roller bearing slide guides for use on press equipment other than high speed.

AIDA's NST and NSU have been specifically developed for high performance, multi-purpose work. AIDA's SMX double gear link drive press performs deep drawing applications and offers full capacity at 1/2 inch or more off bottom. AIDA's TMX – a total transfer system – meets stampers' specialized requirements for large complex parts, complete assemblies, tailor-welded blanks and parts from thinner, stronger materials. The PMX, built for progressive die applications, helps customers extend tool life, reduce ownership costs and improve production efficiency while its advanced link motion minimizes secondary forming and assembly operations. A complete line of high-speed presses offers the electrical and electronic industries machines that support specific applications and can produce a wide range of parts from electronically operated devices and automotive parts to computer and cell phone components. AIDA's newest press design, the ULX, is the result of eight years of design, development and field tests. AIDA built the ULX in direct response to industry demands for stamped precision parts with surface finishes that previously could be achieved only through machining operations: improved part quality and increased die life.

While continuing to expand its product line, AIDA has grown its manufacturing capacity. In the last 10 years AIDA has opened new manufacturing facilities in Europe, Malaysia, Italy and China causing manufacturing capacity to double from one million to nearly two million square feet. AIDA-America, the North American manufacturing headquarters for AIDA Engineering Ltd., recently completed expansion of its building. The expansion, which totals 17,600 square feet, allows AIDA-America to bring welding, fabrication and machining capabilities in-house. The expansion and installation of a new 150-ton crane places AIDA-America in the unique position as the only North American metalforming solution provider with the in-house flexibility to fabricate, machine and assemble larger presses from 1,000 to 4,000 tons.

This year AIDA Engineering Ltd. celebrates 90 years of innovation and advances in press technology and design. AIDA-America marks its 10th anniversary and remains the only manufacturer in the US able to produce mechanical presses ranging from 30 to 4,000 tons, 15-2,500 spm. The global AIDA network experienced a 43 percent growth in sales from 2002 to 2005 with year end results for 2006 approaching more than $550 million. With press shipments exceeding 1800 units in 2006, AIDA continues to be one of the largest mechanical press builders in the world.

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