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STAMPING Journal August 2007
August 8, 2007
By: Schuler

Schuler Engineer

Each press shop is unique in terms of equipment, people, skills and budgets available to support maintenance and engineering.

Schuler has developed an "a la carte" service and engineering offering that can be tailored to specific goals and operations, depending on the needs of the facility.

The concept is based upon a simple strategy:

Active PM Programs

Schuler engineers develop detailed plans with press shop management to define the timing and maintenance protocol required for the press system. Then, experienced field service technicians visit on-site as planned to inspect the equipment and carry out simple repairs and adjustments. A report is developed with actions taken, repairs required and actions for the future – continuously adapting and improving the protocol to meet the needs of the specific system.

Spare Parts Support Programs

Sourcing spare pumps, valves and other key components on short notice can be a difficult and extremely expensive task. Most press shops cannot afford to be down for weeks or months awaiting the delivery of a spare part.

Schuler engineers work with production management to identify key components within the press system and negotiate stocking, pricing, delivery and repair to ensure any unexpected downtime is minimized or avoided altogether.

In addition, component exchange and rebuild programs are developed for pumps, crossbars, intensifiers, clamps (bolster and traveling) accumulators, clutch/brake systems, counterbalance cylinders, overloads and customized component kits.

Extended Support

Engineers also consult and prepare recommendations regarding equipment and process optimization, production studies and system upgrades or rebuilds for major components, cushions, part handling systems, controls and hydraulic systems.

Other services that are key to reliable performance include active hydraulic fluid testing and system specific filter programs to ensure smooth, reliable operation and extended component life.


To bring new employees up to speed and to give existing staff in-depth specialization, Schuler also customizes training in the areas of:

  • Mechanical press systems
  • Hydraulic press systems
  • Control systems
  • Automation
  • Equipment maintenance

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