A.A. Bondarev

End effector tips to keep the press running

October 31, 2014


Is there room for improvement in a high-speed stamping operation? In the endless journey of continuous improvement, the answer is yes. One of the first places to focus is on the end effector tooling on the material handling automation.

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Characteristics of electron beam welding

December 13, 2005

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Electron beam welding is useful for many applications -- steel, aluminum, and exotic metals; thick, structural sections or thin, delicate components; and harsh conditions such as alternating loads and low temperatures. A programmable controller allows engineers to tailor the electron beam's power distribution, thereby creating a unique weld for each application. EBW often is used in applications that have stringent joint tightness and strength requirements and, in some cases, it is used for welds that cannot be done with any other joining method.

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