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Band sawing in short order

June 14, 2005 | By Dave Burkhart

Many metal fabricators, machine manufacturers, welding repair shops, and steel service centers encounter unique metal separation problems, particularly with band sawing. They often have to cut a variety of metal grades, shapes, and sizes with only a few band saw machines.

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Boosting band saw blade life

August 10, 2004 | By Dave Burkhart

Because intermittent cutting can be hard on blades, you should find ways to increase blade productivity for your environment. Several guidelines, such as selecting the right blade tooth size, breaking in the blades, and choosing the right blade for the job are ways to help improve the productivity of your band saw blade.

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Cutting through the obstacles

December 11, 2001 | By Dave Burkhart, Dave Byrley

Of all the materials that can be cut on industrial band saw machines, structural steels—such as pipe and tubing, plate, angle and channel iron, and I beams—are all among the most common and challenging.

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