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Proto-1 Mfg. LLC manufactures cutoff, end forming, and deburring equipment for straight and bent tube.

Testing and Measuring | Articles | The Tube & Pipe Journal

Do you use checking jigs and fixtures?

July 10, 2003 | By Dave Petrack

How do you check tube fabrications to ensure they meet quality standards? Do you ship parts without checking them and hope that the next time the phone rings it isn't a prelude to a tirade from a disgruntled customer? Or do you check finished parts only to realize that your scrap rate is too high and wish you had checked them at earlier stages of the manufacturing process?

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Tube and Pipe Fabrication | Articles | The FABRICATOR

Waste not, want not

June 12, 2003 | By Dave Petrack

Any manufacturing process that goes awry can result in waste in many forms, both obvious and hidden. A simple project in which tube is cut, bent, formed, and welded can result in large amounts of wasted money and time if one of the processes goes wrong.

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Tube and Pipe Fabrication | Articles | The Tube & Pipe Journal

Coating fabricating tooling

April 24, 2003 | By Dave Petrack

Tube fabricators all over the country are starting to see some major benefits from new coating technology. Many coatings-both those that are time-proven and new ones just hitting the market-can provide many benefits for many tube fabrication processes, including extended tooling life, better finished parts, and less stress on machinery.

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Tube and Pipe Fabrication | Articles | The Tube & Pipe Journal

Does your tube travel more than you do?

February 27, 2003 | By Dave Petrack

The level of technology used these days in the tube and pipe fabrication industry varies quite a bit in terms of age. Some of it is a bit antiquated, to put it kindly. Many tube fabrication shops use equipment that is more than 50 years old.

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