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Optimizing a single probe, gap-tolerant, double sheet detector system

December 11, 2007 | By Fred Goronzy

Detecting the presence of two sheets in a press feeding operation uses scientific principles, but the process is not an exact science. A typical press-feeding situation involves an air gap between the detector and the first sheet in the stack or an air gap between the top two sheets, and these air gaps reduce the detector's effectiveness. Understanding the capabilities of the detector and the limitations imposed by imperfect conditions can help stampers set up an effective double-sheet detector system.

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Controlling double sheet in stamping operations

July 13, 2004 | By Fred Goronzy

Almost everyone has experienced a double-sheet problem. Copiers, printers, and fax machines sometimes feed two sheets, which then jam the machines and have to be removed. While two sheets of paper seldom cause major harm to office equipment, two sheets of metal can cause major damage to tools and...

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