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The economics of selecting a coil feed line

June 2, 2009 | By John Heuring

Factoring in the economics inherent in a small footprint—if a building expansion is required for a larger line, for example—a space-saving line may be the most economical option. Categories of space-saving coil feed lines, from the least expensive to the most expensive,are the paddle loop, space saving, and synchronous.

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Coil feed line considerations when stamping HSS

December 13, 2005 | By John Heuring

With its higher tensile and yield strengths, HSS is stronger at any given gauge than conventional "mild" steels. Initially, lighter-gauge HSS was used to replace heavier-gauge mild steel to reduce weight in many automotive parts, and this continues to be the most widely used application for HSS. However, as a new trend to run thicker and thicker gauges of HSS continues, stamping fabricators are evaluating their press feeding and coil handling equipment, as well as press tonnage capacities and die designs to ensure that these harder parts can be formed effectively. The dynamics of HSS have a bearing on feeding, straightening, and coil handling equipment.

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