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Keeping an eye on safety: how to protect welders from eye injuries

January 16, 2003 | By Karen D. Hamel

Using orbital welding equipment led to productivity gains in one of the nation's first fusion-welded underground pipelines.

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Safety | Articles | Practical Welding Today

Welding specialty metals safely

October 11, 2001 | By Karen D. Hamel

This article outlines dangers of fume exposure to welders using exotic or specialty metals. The author offers a three-tiered approach to protecting the welder from fumes.

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Safety with press hydraulic systems

August 16, 2001 | By Karen D. Hamel

What happens when a hydraulic system—pumps, hoses, and fittings—fails—Knowing how to avoid, cope with and clean up the mess to ensure personnel safety and minimize downtime could come in very handy one day.

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