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CAD/CAM Software | Articles | The FABRICATOR

Sheetmetal software: Nothing soft about it

July 11, 2006 | By Kevin Cole

Software continues to evolve to better serve its users, and during recent times, sheet metal fabricators have been trying to get the most out of their systems. Such things as nesting, ERP, communications networks, and CAD/CAM are all making bounds to do more and take better advantage of technology advancements.

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Tube and Pipe Fabrication | Articles | The Tube & Pipe Journal

Batter up! Turning an aluminum tube into a baseball bat

May 29, 2003 | By Eric Lundin, Kevin Cole

The roar of the crowd, the shouts of the umpire, the crack of the bat hitting the ball—these are the unmistakable sounds of a baseball game. Over the last few decades, however, one of those sounds has changed; now the bat tends to make a distinctive, resonating ping. It's the sound of aluminum rather than wood making contact with the ball.

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Laser Cutting | Articles | The FABRICATOR

Science Nonfiction

August 8, 2002 | By Kevin Cole

Metal cutting lasers continue to evolve at an amazing rate, largely based on the demands of OEMs and job shops, while profit margins shrink because of increased competition and lower pay rates. To help fabricators meet the demands placed on them, laser manufacturers are creating new laser features that help fabricators differentiate themselves, speed up productivity, and get more out of their laser machines.

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Picture of welder

Arc Welding | Articles | The FABRICATOR

One man's junkyard is another man's challenge

April 15, 2002 | By Kevin Cole

'Junkyard Wars' promotes a positive image for the fabrication and manufacturing environments and has become one of the more popular programs on The Learning Channel. Here's why.

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Shop Management | Articles | The FABRICATOR

Overcoming the skilled labor shortage

May 15, 2001 | By Kevin Cole

The labor force of tomorrow needs to embrace manufacturing today if the industry is going to attract and keep the workers it needs in the future.

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