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Hydroforming | Articles

A survey of presses for hydroforming tubes, extrusions

October 9, 2003 | By Matthias Aust, Prof. Dr.-Ing. H.c. Klaus Siegert

Hydroforming is one of the most important fields in production manufacturing. In recent years many single presses, groups of presses, and entire production plants for internal high-pressure (IHP) hydroforming of tubes and extrusions have been installed, especially in the Americas and in Europe. The driving force behind this development has been the efficient production of automotive parts.

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Hydroforming | Articles

Hydroforming of tubes, extrusions, and sheet

May 15, 2001 | By Prof. Dr.-Ing. H.c. Klaus Siegert, Markus Haeussermann, Bruno Losch

Recent advances at the University of Stuttgart and acfross the industry have opened doors for hydroforming all kinds of materials and shapes.

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Deep drawing diagram

Stamping | Articles

Deep drawing irregular sheet components: How cushion systems and die stiffness affect the operation

April 24, 2001 | By Prof. Dr.-Ing. H.c. Klaus Siegert

Innovations in die technology are helping stampers adjust to the many variations that can occur during the stamping process.

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