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Design, build, troubleshoot

October 8, 2009 | By Rob Driver

When a quality stamped product is needed, operating as a team, communication and a solid understanding of the plan is paramount in efficiently producing a stamping die. The three critical phases of producing a capable stamping die are design, build (manufacture) and troubleshooting. Each phase is intertwined and dependent on one another. A design review is an excellent opportunity to develop a plan and review the construction and manufacturing methods that are going to be used to make the components. Ultimately, the challenge is to have gained a profit for your company and produced a stamping die of superior quality.

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die speed limiting factors

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Designing speed-friendly dies

July 9, 2009 | By Rob Driver

Usually the first place stampers look to reduce cost is the labor burden per part, which leads to the inevitable pursuit of producing parts faster. The speed capability of a stamping die is determined by how fast the part physically can be produced and at what speed the tooling fails. The strength of the carrier, how high the part must be lifted, and the mechanical limits of the springs and side action cams (mandrels) limit how fast the tool can run.

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