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Submerged arc welding : then and now

July 29, 2008 | By Steven Rainwater

Submerged arc welding (SAW) is so named because the weld and arc zone are submerged beneath a blanket of flux. The flux material becomes conductive when it is molten, creating a path for the current to pass between the electrode and the workpiece. The flux blanket prevents spatter and sparks, while...

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Automatic lubrication application

Tube and Pipe Fabrication | Articles | The Tube & Pipe Journal

Better lubricant control leads to better mandrel bends

September 11, 2007 | By Steven Rainwater

In an effort to reduce the need for cleaning bent tube, fabricator R & B Wagner analyzed its operations and decided to change from manual lubricant application to an automated system. The result was that its lubricant consumption dropped 70 percent. So little lubricant was left on the bent parts that the company eliminated the cleaning step.

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Die lubrication: the big picture

June 14, 2005 | By Steven Rainwater

When considering a die lubrication method, you should be sure to evaluate its effect on your entire operation. While most of us focus on how lubrication affects just the manufacture of parts, a close look reveals that it affects many other aspects of running a plant. However, many of them are not obvious.

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