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Design rules for forming aluminum stampings—Part 2

February 2, 2002


Figure 1:Addendum types enable or improve the stamping of a sheet metal part. A draw wall, for example, connects the trim line and the punch opening line.Editor's Note: This column was prepared by the staff of the Engineering Research Center for Net Shape Manufacturing (ERC/ NSM), The Ohio State...

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The importance of the n value in sheet forming

October 11, 2001


Strain hardening is represented by the exponent n in the flow stress equation, which approximates the relation between true stress and true strain during plastic deformation of a metal. The constant n plays a crucial role in sheet metal forming, and this brief article describes its effects.

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Hydroforming system

Successful tube hydroforming: Watching parameters, accurately simulating the process yield good results

June 15, 2001

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A typical tube hydroforming system is shown in Figure 1. Within this system, a host of factors must be taken into account, from starting tube geometry and material properties to the quality of the final part (such as thickness distribution and dimensional accuracy).

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