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Omni-X manufactures die sets, mandrels, wiper dies, and end-finishing tools. INCONEL is a trademark of Special Metals Corp.

Tube and Pipe Fabrication | Articles | The Tube & Pipe Journal

The wrinkle-wiper for tube bends

September 25, 2003 | By Teresa Fisher

A wiper die is a piece of tooling used in tube bending that helps keep the bend from wrinkling. While there are many reasons and ways to use a wiper die in a tube bending maching, you should also know what types are available, their differences, and how to choose the right one for your application.

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tangent settings for a standard mandrel

Tube and Pipe Fabrication | Articles | The Tube & Pipe Journal

Using mandrels for bending tube

January 31, 2002 | By Teresa Fisher

This article discusses bending with mandrels. It illustrates six major types of mandrel and the most appropriate use for each. It also describes common bending problems and the most likely solutions.

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