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electrode good welding practices

Holding back the hydrogen

January 15, 2010


Hydrogen cracking can send a project off schedule in a hurry. Here are ways to prevent it.

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The need to adapt, no matter what happens

January 12, 2010


When I saw the words manufacturing and boom in one headline, I had to do a double take. An AllianceBernstein economist was especially optimistic, predicting that manufacturing may be gearing up for the biggest turnaround seen in 25 years. "The evidence points to a 20 percent jump in output in the... Continue Reading

A welcome farewell to the aughts

January 4, 2010


A year ago Troy Berg wasn't in a good place."I knew in January that 2009 was gone. Never in the history of my business have I had to kiss off a year in January & Now that we're through 2009, the hard cuts have been made, we've made a little bit of money, and those of us who are still... Continue Reading

Joe Biden and a press brake

December 21, 2009


Rickey Moulder probably won't forget the workday he had Thursday. Moulder is press brake department supervisor for Impulse Manufacturing in Dawsonvile, Ga., and on Dec. 17 he got to explain a bit about sheet metal fabrication to Vice President Joe Biden. An Associated Press photographer even... Continue Reading

The Catch 22 of collateral

December 15, 2009


Earlier this year, I landed at the Detroit airport en route to a conference. I got into my rental car, headed to the I-94 on-ramp, and then I saw it. There, next to the highway, was a big billboard advertising, of all things, a metal fabricator: "W Industries: Aerospace, Defense, Energy,... Continue Reading

roll forming fully automated adjustments

Roll forming gets flexible

December 2, 2009


Roll forming technology has adapted to a manufacturing market that demands short runs and quick response.

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Giving thanks & for cash flow

December 1, 2009


As my toddler sculpted her mash potatoes into something resembling, well, a lump of mash potatoes, I looked around at the Thanksgiving table. Smiles all around, not only because my daughter's so darn cute (no bias on my part, of course), but also because they knew they didn't have to... Continue Reading

Lean manufacturing meets health care

November 14, 2009


The coverage on health care reform has been driving me crazy lately. As the saying goes, there are two things that are good to have, but you don't want to know how they're made: laws and sausages. For weeks, article after newspaper article has described the art of sausage-making.But one... Continue Reading

It's about jobs

November 10, 2009


It's now one in 10, probably more. Take a walk and glance around. You'll probably see someone in need of a job. Within two blocks of my house, I know four who are unemployed—and those are just the neighbors I know. The Labor Department's release, which pegged... Continue Reading

The economy: It could be worse

November 3, 2009


The status of... Continue Reading

relieve stress welding

How to relieve stress in welding

November 2, 2009


Relieving residual stress through welding technique as well as temperature control can greatly reduce weld distortion.

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Reworking a codependent relationship

October 27, 2009


Did you hear? The automotive biz is rockin' and rollin'. General Motors—that's right, the same GM that trudged to bankruptcy court earlier this year—reported 2009 growth of 40 percent. Heck, the industry overall reported 90 percent growth in August. Simply amazing! Oh, I... Continue Reading

Shh & Manufacturing is looking better

October 20, 2009


Psssst. Hey & down here. I"m the headline about 20 column inches below the story about Balloon Boy. Keep looking down. Down. Just below that expose about Polanski. See me? Good. Don't tell anyone, but manufacturing's getting a bit better. In fact, manufacturing may be the thing that pulls... Continue Reading

The power of walking away

October 13, 2009


Talk of health reform has become frenzied in recent weeks. The latest compromises have bordered on desperation. We can't pursue the public option plan, to appease budget-weary politicians (and voters) and the insurance industry. We're uncomfortable about requiring everyone to buy... Continue Reading

glastender fabricating fast turnaround

Raising the bar, one sink at a time

October 7, 2009


Glastender, a food service products manufacturer, takes bold moves and expands during this historic economic downturn.

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