ICYMI – The most viewed articles and posts in 2016

January 5, 2017
By: Vicki Bell

Remember when the Internet was in its infancy? My how it’s grown. So much content vies for your attention that you may have missed the most popular articles and blog posts published on thefabricator.com in 2016. Here are four items you may not have seen or may want to revisit.

Photo of a Josh Welton weld that accompanied the most popular blog post on The Fabricator Blog in 2016. Courtesy of Brown Dog Welding.

2016 is in the history books. How it will go down in history is anybody’s guess. At this point, at least, It depends on who you ask.

Looking back one last time, I thought it would be nice to share with you the most viewed articles and blog posts published on thefabricator.com in 2016, just in case you missed them. The top three articles share something. It’s not the topic, as they cover three different technologies. What they have in common is that they all list tips for better understanding and optimizing these processes.

The third most read article is “Considerations for designing parts for laser cutting.” Laser cutting has been a widely accepted fabricating technology for almost 20 years, yet with more new blood entering the industry, some fabricators lack a deep understanding of the cutting technology. This tip sheet (7 tips) aims to boost their laser cutting IQ.

The second most read is “Sheet metal fabrication basics: 7 strategies for punching success.” One of the most mature technologies in metal fabrication, punching is also one of the most misunderstood, perhaps because the process can accomplish so much—punch myriad shapes, form, even bend flanges. Regardless, if a shop follows some basic strategies, it will be well on its way to better parts and greater throughput.

The No. 1 most read article for 2016 is “6 tips for better GTAW results.” Keep these tips in mind for GTAW applications to help you save time and money in rework and to help ensure a quality finished weld. Taking some extra steps in preparation and setup can help you complete the job on schedule and avoid the cost and hassle of troubleshooting or rework later in the welding process.

Which brings us to the most popular blog post published on the site in 2016: “You can’t judge a weld by its photo.” You may be able to tell certain things from a photo, but not everything. No one knows that better than Josh Welton, whose weld photos garner a lot of attention and feedback.

Josh began contributing to The Fabricator Blog in March, 2014, and his posts, geared toward welders and others in skilled trades, resonate with all age groups, but especially the younger generation. He is passionate about welding and is doing his part to encourage the next wave of manufacturing workers.

Something of note regarding last year’s most viewed content is the popularity of the Spanish language articles on the site. Four of the top eight articles were in Spanish.

What will the most popular articles be in 2017? I’ll let you know in 12 months.

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