Just a phone call away

May 29, 2013
By: Vicki Bell

Sometimes good news is simply a phone call away. Case in point—I just had a call from an author of some very thought-provoking articles on thefabricator.com. Some months ago, “Stan” voluntarily left his job of many years for various reasons, not the least of which is that he’s a highly principled individual who had come to believe that his working conditions were no longer compatible with his principles. I can relate to that wholeheartedly, as I once left a job for that very reason. And like Stan, I left without having another job lined up. Several months later, I found the job I have now and couldn’t be happier with the company and my position. Now Stan has done the same.

The fact that Stan has found what sounds like a job tailor-made for him is wonderful. It requires a long-distance move that both he and his wife are eagerly anticipating. The next few months will be extra-busy for Stan and the Missus.

What’s also wonderful is the picture of Stan’s new employer that he painted for me. It’s a picture that is representative of companies that survived the recession poised for growth.

The Houston-based manufacturer is a major player in the energy market, which we all know has been a growth area for some time. That in itself is a plus—being in the right market. What’s different is how this company responded to the recession.

When its competitors were downsizing and laying off workers, the company began hiring—“cherry picking the market,” as Stan said. While it invested in people and equipment, it still “failed in planning.” How? The efforts weren’t enough. The company has doubled its output for each of the last three years and now has an order volume that it is struggling to handle. The good news is that it would take any other supplier of its products even longer to fill these orders.

This is where Stan comes in. His vast knowledge of product design and processes will help the company find ways to shorten cycle times, reduce costs, and lead the way in 21st century manufacturing.

The coming together of Stan and the company is the hallmark of a good business, one that understands—as Stan said—that you can buy the latest machinery, but you need the right people.

I am so very happy for Stan and wish him the best in his new endeavor. I’d bet the bank that Stan is the right person for this job.

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