My 10 Favorite Things About the Polar Vortex

January 7, 2014
By: Kate Bachman

The Polar Vortex offers opportunities rarely experienced in the "Lower 48." Here are my favorites:

1. Jell-O left outside is as hard as stamped steel.
2. Your motor, computer, and assets are not the only things freezing up.
3. You don’t have to trek to the North Pole to know what it’s like to be there.
4. You may have a chance to try out your emergency survival vehicle kit.
5. You get to use your skills operating devices while wearing three layers of gloves.
6. You are treated to heated discussions about “global warming.”
7. You know what it’ll be like when hell freezes over.
8. You can kill all the germs in your plant just by opening the doors.
9. You get to say “negative” without being negative.
10. You get to wear thermal underwear under work clothes and sweat pants.

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