AWS conference addresses joining dissimilar metals

April 10, 2007

Industry secrets and emerging technologies that are transforming the science and practical application of joining unlike metals will be showcased at the Joining Dissimilar Metals Conference, hosted by the American Welding Society (AWS).

The two-day event, to be held at the Grosvenor Resort in Orlando, Fla., beginning May 22, will feature leading experts and innovators from respected academic institutions and corporations from across the country who will address critical issues in joining unlike metals, including material and weld properties, heat treatment, corrosion, transition joints, service conditions, and practical considerations.

Thomas W. Eagar, materials engineering and systems professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will deliver the keynote presentation. Other speakers include Dr. Karl Graff, a principal engineer at the Edison Welding Institute, who will explore the new world of ultrasonic welding, and Dr. Damian Kotecki, the former president of AWS and current technical director for stainless and high alloy product development at The Lincoln Electric Co., who will discuss predicting microstructures in stainless steel welds as well as forecasting the weldability of stainless alloys, including austenitics and ferritics.

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