AWS to hold arc welding conference

February 7, 2006

The American Welding Society (AWS) will present All in the Family: The Gas-Shielded Arc Welding Conference, March 7-8 in Las Vegas.

The conference encompasses a variety of welding-related processes, all of which employ an arc and shielding gas. These processes include electrogas welding, FCAW, GMAW, GTAW, laser beam/arc hybrid welding, and plasma arc welding. The conference will feature 15 speakers who will discuss the current status and future potential of the various gas-shielded arc welding processes.

Speakers include: Tom Siewert, acting chief of the material reliability division, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder, Colo.; Eric Stiles, laser division manager, Fraunhofer USA Center for Coatings and Laser Applications, Plymouth, Mich.; William Hamilton, quality assurance manager, AlcoTec Wire Corp., Traverse City, Mich.; and Jon S. Lee, senior welding engineer and chief metallurgist, CB&I (Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. N.V.) Corporate Welding & QA Technology, The Woodlands, Texas.