ESAB opens flux plant

October 14, 2008

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has added a new flux plant to its filler metal manufacturing facility in Hanover, Pa. The company says the plant significantly upgrades its manufacturing capacity.

The company already operates one flux plant, which opened in 2002. The addition of the new, larger flux plant, which opened in June, will allow ESAB to produce many of its bonded subarc fluxes in North America, supplementing the domestic demand with products produced in the company's other facilities.

The plant features the updated technology and lean manufacturing. It produces a range of products for a variety of market segments, including shipbuilding, wind towers, structural steel construction, and general fabrication.

The new plant went through engineering, quality, and applications testing to validate that the quality of the flux produced at the new plant was identical to what customers were receiving previously from Europe. The company says the product went through process and quality validation, in-house testing, and testing at customer facilities to ensure that there was no difference from fluxes produced at its other facilities.

ESAB manufactures welding and cutting equipment and welding filler metals.