ESAB supplies Brazilian steel producer

July 13, 2004

Usiminas Mecănica (Usimec), a Brazilian company that supplies Brazil's shipbuilding and other industries, has purchased two ESAB Avenger 2 cutting machines for cutting large plates that measure 0.62 in. thick, 7.3 ft. or 12.4 ft. wide, and 39.4 ft. or 59 ft. long.

The company uses underwater plasma arc cutting on its machines and ESAB systems with water tables. It also uses ESAB's Plasmarc™ cutting torch. The company purchased its systems from ESAB's Cutting Systems division in the U.S., which modified the machines for Usimec, including reinforcing the power tracks.

The Avenger 2 includes a heavy-duty gantry structure, rails, and computerized numerical control. Up to 12 cutting stations can be installed on the machine, which is designed to support large loads and handle large cutting widths.