Lincoln Electric begins Green Initiative Awareness Program

April 14, 2009

Lincoln Electric, Cleveland, has announced its new Green Initiative Awareness Program to promote the company's initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes and products.

To help customers identify the products connected to these initiatives, the company is labeling them with a "Green Initiative" logo that states the product's green advantage. The company also has created a Web site to explain these initiatives further at

The company's first two initiatives are inverter technology and the EPA's Tier 4i engine emission compliance. Welding equipment featuring inverter technology can save customers more than 10 percent on total energy consumption related to welding over traditional transformer-based power sources, the company states. EPA Tier 4i compliance means the company and its engine suppliers meet and exceed EPA guidelines two years before it is required for emissions on its diesel engine-driven welding machines.

The manufacturer also is reducing its environmental impact through various methods such as Six Sigma projects to reduce scrap and waste, improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes, enhance paper and metal recycling programs, remove old or obsolete equipment, and focus on energy efficiency and manufacturing process improvements.

Lincoln Electric Co. designs, develops, and manufactures arc welding products, robotic arc welding systems, fume extraction equipment, and plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment.

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