Lincoln Electric equipment used at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

June 8, 2004

The Lincoln Electric Co. reported that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway uses its equipment behind the scenes, fabricating track equipment, as well as on the track’s grandstands, signs, and fences, and for repairs on the new SAFER Wall system.

Speedway welder John Cleveland said he “grew up on a stick welding machine” and hadn’t used a wire feeder machine until a couple of years ago. He likes to use the Invertec® V205-T AC/DC for SMAW and GTAW repairs in the field because of its portability at 38 lbs.

For in-shop fabrication, Cleveland uses the SP-135 Plus compact GMAW machine for GMAW and FCAW. The unit weighs 54 lbs.

Doug Castillo, head of maintenance at the Speedway, had extensive experience with the Power MIG® 255 GMAW and Precision TIG® 275 industrial GTAW machines when fabricating two Indy Racing League safety trucks for the track. These modified Chevrolet 3500 models had to be equipped with fire suppression equipment, brooms, blowers, and spreaders to accommodate oil driers. Various types and sizes of steels and aluminum were welded during this process.

Each safety truck each holds two Ranger® 250 engine-driven welding machines/generators. The equipment is positioned in an enclosed bed to conceal them from the elements and to make the trucks aesthetically pleasing. The shielding gas tanks are stored underneath the welding machines. The machine slides out of the enclosure on a fabricated movable base for use.

Castillo also prepared the Speedway’s repair truck to repair the track’s new SAFER Wall system. This truck also holds two Ranger 250 machines side by side as well as a Pro-Cut 55 plasma cutting system. The wall repairs mainly consist of welding 3/16-in. mild steel tubing and plate.

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