Lincoln provides equipment for car-heist movie

September 8, 2011

Lincoln provides equipment for car-heist movie -

Lincoln Electric teamed up with Picture Car Warehouse, Northridge, Calif., to serve as the exclusive welding supplier for the car-heist motion picture "Drive," produced by OddLot Entertainment.

Ted Moser, owner and founder of Picture Car Warehouse, chose Lincoln Electric to provide the welding equipment and consumables to restore and fabricate muscle cars used during filming.

Lincoln outfitted the movie's fabrication crew with such equipment as Precision TIG® and POWER MIG® welding machines, VIKING™ autodarkening welding helmets, and Red Line™ welding apparel.

Picture Car Warehouse is a supplier of contemporary, vintage, specialty, and custom vehicles used in television commercials, shows, and movies. It has an inventory of hundreds of vehicles.

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