PennEngineering appoints two sales associates

June 21, 2010

Fastener manufacturer PennEngineering®, Danboro, Pa., has named Austin Washington as global accounts manager for the company and Jeff Rindskopf as director of sales for 3V Fasteners Co. Inc., a subsidiary of parent PennEngineering.

Washington manages major global business accounts with particular focus on Apple, Cisco, and other high-tech global accounts. He directs and monitors the specification and delivery of products to global customers throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. Washington has more than 25 years of industry experience and is based in San Jose, Calif.

Rindskopf oversees all sales efforts for 3V, which is a manufacturer of externally threaded aerospace fasteners. He has served in a successive series of sales-related positions over the years for a variety of aerospace industry suppliers. He is based at 3V headquarters in Corona, Calif.

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