PennEngineering awarded license for patented drive system

March 7, 2011

PennEngineering awarded license for patented drive system -

PennEngineering®, Danboro, Pa., has been awarded a license from Phillips Screw Co. for its patented MORTORQ® Super spiral drive system. The proprietary drive system was developed to deliver high torque for fasteners without damaging screw heads or surrounding areas.

The drive will be integrated into PEM® fastener products as the company follows its strategy to enter the threaded, small-diameter screw market. New product offerings will include screws in 0.08 in. and smaller thread sizes, suitable for high-volume consumer and medical devices.

The system's geometric spiral design helps maximize recess wall and driver contact to provide high torque transfer without cam-out. The drive's low-profile head and high-strength, shallow recess contribute to reducing overall fastener weight. Various fastener head styles can be accommodated.

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