ATI purchases Speedeburr product line

May 12, 2009

ATI Industrial Automation, an engineering-based developer of robotic peripheral equipment, has completed the purchase of the Speedeburr product line from the Norwegian-based Speedeburr AS. The line has been available through ATI since 1998, sold as Axially-Compliant (AC) deburring tools. Now all manufacturing and support of the products will take place at company headquarters in Apex, N.C.

The high-speed, lightweight air tools are designed with a floating rotary cutting burr for edge deburring and chamfering of such materials as aluminum and steel with a robot or CNC machine. While spinning at high speeds, a rotary cutting burr or file rides on a cushion of air that maintains a constant contact force. The rotary burr has a 45-degree cutting angle to achieve both lateral and axial compliance.

Chattering is prevented with the patented force control system that implements a very high stiffness in the path direction and a low stiffness in the contact force direction, the company says. The low inertia of the cutting burr helps the tools deburr parts quickly.

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