Marlin Steel acquires automated welding machine from Ideal Welding Systems

September 4, 2014

Baltimore-based Marlin Steel, a creator of custom wire and sheet metal forms, has installed a Versaweld CSR102-1230-3-MFDC NC jig welding system from Ideal Welding Systems. The medium-frequency automated welding machine is one of five in the world, and the only one outside of Germany, according to the company.

The machine supports welding in three dimensions. It has rotating heads that can weld along curved or irregular shapes, not just right angles. The robotic unit completes a weld operation in 0.002 sec., which is 30 times faster than the speed typical of most welding machines, the company states.

With a welding table of 10 by 4 ft., the machine is equipped to handle large jobs. With the machine, the company can weld complicated parts without having to resort to manual welding support.