Miller Electric introduces robotic welding cell rental program

June 13, 2013

Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Appleton, Wis., has introduced a new robotic welding cell rental program designed to help reduce the risk for companies that are interested in trying robotic welding technology. The program also is suitable for companies that receive contract work for short runs of parts that don’t warrant the capital expenditure for a robotic welding cell.

Rental contracts are for a three-month minimum. The company also rents robotic welding cells on-site and will oversee short runs of parts in its own facility.

As part of the program, the company offers a full assessment before rental to determine that the parts to be welded are repeatable and able to benefit from automation. It preprograms the PerformArc™ robotic welding cell, sets up necessary tooling, and provides a five-day training course on programming and safety. Experts install the cell on-site.

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