Siemens, Kuka announce partnership

September 25, 2013

The Drive Technologies Division of Siemens AG, Munich, and Kuka Robotics GmbH, Augsburg, Germany, have announced their cooperation in integrating Kuka robots and Siemens CNC systems for loading machine tools.

The standard implementation of the concept includes loading by a Kuka robot, which is integrated in Sinumerik from Siemens. A scaled offer also is planned, ranging from a robot with additional CNC machining functionality to a robot as a pure CNC machining unit.

The companies aim to serve industries with high automation requirements in loading and machining. The partnership will give customers access to new products that are coordinated over their life cycle, from design to production simulation to engineering and the production shop level.

Together the companies also will develop scalable, integrated systems for machining workpieces with robots, especially for lightweight construction and for new materials such as composites.