Chicago Metal Rolled Products revamps Rock 'n' Roll McDonald's

February 7, 2006

Chicago Metal Rolled Products recently curved rectangular tubing to form the parabolic arches for the new Rock 'n' Roll McDonald's, which opened in downtown Chicago in the spring of 2005.

The company matched the customer-supplied template, putting multiple radii into 50-ft.-long tube to minimize weld splices and reduce the time required for fabrication and erection.

The design includes two 60-ft.-tall arches that span much of the site and help support the roof of the two-story restaurant. Each arc is comprises two 20- by 12-in. tube covered by plate on all four sides. The arches are 20 in. wide and vary in thickness from 36 in. at the base to 24 in. at the top. Two smaller arches made of 14- by 4- by -in. tube support the roof above the two-lane drive-through at the south end of the property.

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