MegaFab announces corporate changes, engineering center

October 11, 2005

Mega Fabrication Inc., Hutchinson, Kan., has announced several organizational changes within its merged companies of Piranha, Bertsch, and W.A. Whitney. The company also announced the establishment of a corporatewide engineering center.

Dave Barber, former president of W.A. Whitney, has been named as president of MegaFab. Barber leads all functions for the Whitney, Piranha, and Bertsch brands, including sales, marketing, manufacturing, engineering, and customer service.

John Doswell, former vice president of MegaFab, has been appointed as the vice president of sales for all MegaFab products. Doswell now directs the sales activity for all three brands and manages their distribution.

Al Julian, former vice president of sales and marketing for Whitney, has been named as vice president of marketing for MegaFab. Julian is responsible for all promotional and product management functions for all three brands.

The company's new corporate Engineering Center will be located in Rockford, Ill., with Peter Bates, former Whitney Engineering Group leader, as the manager of engineering.