Pines Technology receives award from Boeing

May 8, 2012

Pines Technology receives award from Boeing -

Pines Technology, Westlake, Ohio, has been honored by Boeing Philadelphia for the performance of its CNC tube benders for the V22 Osprey program. The benders are used to make replacement fuel and hydraulic lines for the Osprey.

The benders are built in two configurations — one for mobile land operations and one for fixed, shipboard-based applications. They are designed with a small physical footprint to fit into compact maintenance trailers for land-based operations and to fit in the cramped maintenance decks of aircraft carriers. The machines are built to withstand shock, vibration, and temperature variation and are equipped with intuitive controls.

Each bender is linked to a CMM that takes precise measurements of the lines pulled from each plane. The results are fed into the control, and the bender then makes an identical copy. Dimensions differ slightly from plane to plane, and the custom bending approach helps ensure a precise fit and quick installation.

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