Salvagnini to exhibit bending machine at Brazilian tradeshow

April 15, 2008

Salvagnini, Italy, plans to show its P4-1916 abt® (Advanced Bending Technology) panel bender at the 27th edition of the MECNICA tradeshow, which is scheduled for May in San Paolo, Brazil. The bender can produce panels up to 76.771 in. long with a maximum bend height of 6.496 in. The model exhibited at the fair will feature the HPT semiautomatic loading and unloading configuration.

The bending machine can be connected inline to a punch-shearing system or integrated with robotic products and automated sheet metal handling and storage. The bending technology allows the machine to continually check and compensate for thermal expansions caused by environmental factors; to self-adjust for springback; and to use algorithms to compensate for variations in material thickness and the bending profile when making up or down, single or multiple, and radius or flattened bends.

The machine identifies the material, checks that it corresponds to the type programmed, and orders the machine controller to adapt to the new conditions, if necessary.

The company also announced plans to open Salvagnini do Brasil Ltda, a new operating company based in Jos dos Campos (SP), this spring. The Brazilian subsidiary will offer customer service and spare parts.

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