Wilson marks 20th anniversary of press brake tooling division

June 17, 2014

Wilson Tool International is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its press brake tooling division in 2014. Today the company offers standard tooling for European-style setups, its American Precision® and WT Style Precision™ lines, and Exacta conventional press brake tooling. It also offers an array of clamping systems designed to speed setups. In 2002 the company began offering press brake tooling specials to help customers with challenging bending applications. The company also provides ongoing training to customers through seminars, fabrication forums, phone support, and webinars.

“The growth of our press brake division during the past two decades has been remarkable,” said Chris Lawless, Wilson Tool president. “Much of that success is owed to a highly experienced staff that is passionate about delivering world-class solutions. We are proud to continue that tradition and look forward to providing press brake fabricators with tooling solutions that are designed to improve productivity and achieve even greater success for many years to come.”

Through the years Wilson Tool has achieved numerous milestones in press brake tooling, including these introductions:

  • European precision tooling (1994)
  • Wilson Express Clamp® (1997)
  • 75-degree line tooling line (1998)
  • American precision staged (common shut height) tooling (2001)
  • PowerExpress® hydraulic clamping system (2006)
  • WT Style press brake tooling (2006)
  • European staged press brake tooling (2007)
  • HCS hydraulic clamping for press brake manufacturers (2009)
  • V-Series press brake dies (2009)
  • Grooved-style press brake tooling (2009)
  • Laser-hardened tools (2009)
  • ExpressRail hydraulic press brake clamps (2010)
  • V-Series Black dies (2014)

Wilson Tool plans to celebrate the anniversary throughout the year with a number of events.