Whirlpool adopts Delmia software for microwave oven production

June 8, 2004

Delmia Corp., a Dassault Systèmes company, has announced that Whirlpool Corp. is using its digital manufacturing technology to link design and manufacturing data in producing new microwave ovens. Among the Delmia products being used are Process Engineer and V5 DPM Assembly, linked by the company’s Manufacturing Hub.

Anders Claesson, production manager at Whirlpool in Norrkoping, Sweden, said, “With three new microwave platforms about to be introduced and no integration between our materials and planning system, we recognized it was a good time to move to a digital environment, allowing the sharing and reuse of data across disciplines.”

Before adopting the software, Whirlpool ran a pilot program of the Delmia tools. Delmia engineers were stationed on-site at Whirlpool. All data entry has been completed, and Whirlpool’s designers are exploring their virtual prototypes in 3-D.

The first family of microwaves has been completed, and engineers are gearing up for the next product line. In addition to designing the microwaves in 3-D, Whirlpool will use the Delmia Manufacturing Hub, a data repository that stores both historical and current product, process, and resource information. Engineers can update and share the most current data continuously.

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