Abicor Binzel receives 2013 Europe Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership

June 17, 2014

Based on its recent analysis of the welding torches market, Frost & Sullivan has recognized Abicor Binzel, based in Buseck, Germany, with the 2013 Europe Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership for Binzel’s advanced line of lighter-weight torches for manual welding.

The air-cooled, modular ABIMIG® A T LW torch uses aluminum in the BIKOX® LW cable lines, which reduces the weight of the torch. The torch’s flexible neck is facilitated by a T interface, which allows the welder to change the torch neck in less than a minute for different welding requirements.

The RAB GRIP line of torches includes value-added features while eliminating the need for external protection systems. They are compatible with the manufacturer’s FES-200 units for fume extraction efficiency of 95 percent. The fumes released during the welding processes are trapped and extracted at the arc.

"Through its offer of the [torches], Binzel has played a vital role in improving the safety and the health conditions of welders involved in manual welding," noted Guru Mahesh, Frost & Sullivan research analyst. "Overall, the use of these products results in a significant leap in the productivity levels of the customers' operational processes through the optimization of both time and operational expenditures."

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