Boeing approves Master Chemical metalworking fluid, emulsion, for areas 5, 6

June 9, 2009

Master Chemical Corp., Perrysburg, Ohio, has announced that MicroSol 585, a nonchlorinated, semisynthetic metalworking fluid, and E917, a low-foaming, high-lubricity emulsion, are qualified for areas 5 and 6 of the Boeing process spec BAC5008. Area 5 approval includes machining of nonsealant and nonpaint parts not described in BAC5008 specification areas 1 through 4, while area 6 includes machining, grinding, or cutting detail parts and assemblies made of titanium alloys.

This approval allows the company and its subcontractors to use the metalworking fluid to machine titanium alloys to make parts for all aircraft, including the 737, 767, 777, and 787 families of airplanes. The fluid is compatible and stain-resistant with 6000 and 7000 series aluminums, titanium alloys, and stainless steels. It also is recyclable, biostable, and low misting, and it passes the California Code of Federal Regulations "CCR Title 22 Fathead Minnow Hazardous Waste Screen Bioassay" test.

The E917 emulsion features a stable formula suitable for high-pressure, high-volume, through-the-tool coolant systems. The coolant is easily removed with water, working solutions, or aqueous cleaners for recycling.