Hobart Brothers receives CE mark certification for tubular welding wires

January 31, 2011

Hobart Brothers, Troy, Ohio, has received the CE mark for four of its tubular welding wires: Tri-Mark® Metalloy® Vantage™, Hobart® FabCO® RXR, and Hobart Excel Arc™ 71 for general fabrication, construction, heavy equipment, and rail applications; and Tri-Mark TM-881K2 for offshore and shipbuilding applications.

Also referred to as Conformité Européenne or European Conformity, the CE mark asserts that the welding wires meet the safety and health requirements necessary for them to be sold and used in European Union (EU) countries or countries doing work for the EU.

To obtain the CE mark, the welding wires underwent more than a year of analysis, quality control adjustments, additional certifications, and label modifications in accordance with the mark's requirements. To retain the mark, the manufacturer must maintain the proper level of conformance for the life of these products in terms of quality, performance, and technical information.

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