Lincoln Electric introduces welding consumables quality program

December 7, 2004

The Lincoln Electric Co. has introduced the Q-Cert Program, a quality indicator for welding consumables. The program features three levels of quality certification (Q-Cert), depending on tests, traceability, and records.

Q-1 certification provides identification for a quantity of consumable material run under one production schedule using controlled chemical composition of material. Q-Certs are traceable to manufacture date, operator, line, and shift. All of the company's U.S.-manufactured consumable products carry the Q-1 or higher designation.

Q-2 certification meets all of the Q-1 criteria and also includes archived records of in-process testing, manufacturing, and postproduction testing. The company's Blue Max®, Red Baron®, Pipeliner™, and AASHTO/AWS consumables fall under this level of certification as standard product. Q-2 certification is available on other standard products upon request.

Q-3 certification comprises the Q-2 lot standards, plus archived records tying material to a specific shipment and customer. Military and nuclear certifications receive the Q-3 designation.

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