Online 3-D animation highlights GMAW gun liner loading system

January 9, 2014

A new 3-D animation available on the Bernard and Tregaskiss YouTube pages presents their QUICK LOAD™ Liner AutoLength™ system for GMAW operations.

The animation, which can be viewed at and, explains how GMAW gun liners that are too short can contribute to weld quality issues such as premature contact tip wear, poor wire feedability, bird-nesting, and burnbacks. It also illustrates how the system can compensate for liners that are cut up to 1 in. too short.

The system operates via a spring-loaded module housed in the power pin, allowing the user to load liners from the front of the gun. There is no need to remove the gun from the feeder or to cut wire, reducing liner replacement time by more than 50 percent compared to conventional liners, according to the manufacturer.

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