U.S. congresswoman Tubbs Jones says loss of Timken devastating to Ohio

May 21, 2004

May 20, Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-OH) joined the Ohio Democratic Delegation to draw attention to what she called President Bush's failed economic policies and how they continue to hurt Ohioans. She said, "The shutdown of the Timken factory (announced May 19) is a devastating blow to the people of Ohio."

Just over a year ago, Bush told workers at Ohio's Timken Co. that his tax plan would promote job growth and economic recovery. Today, Timken's workers are facing layoffs.

"Those 1,300 people who lost their jobs will join the more than 200,000 other unemployed Ohioans who have to watch as their jobs are outsourced to other countries and the White House continues to push for more tax cuts for the wealthy," said Tubbs Jones.

"My colleagues and I are working to pass a clean version of the Crane-Rangel corporate tax reform bill to reward manufacturers who produce here in American and employ U.S. workers," Tubbs Jones said.

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