AGA launches online life-cycle cost calculator

July 10, 2007

The American Galvanizers Association (AGA), Centennial, Colo., has introduced a Web-based software program that automatically calculates the life-cycle cost of many common coating systems in comparison to the cost of hot-dip galvanizing.

The calculator, based on standard financial equations of net future value (NFV) and net present value (NPV), delivers a detailed comparison of initial cost, total project cost, and average equivalent annual cost (AEAC) in a one-page printout.

The calculator allows users to input variables, such as environment of a project location, coating system type, shop or field application, cleaning grade, project size, and estimated interest and inflation rates. Automated conversions to metric and to international currencies are provided.

Developed in part with International Zinc Association (IZA) support, the calculator is available to any member association of IZA that may intend to customize the software for specific uses.

The calculator is at