American Trim, DuPont CoatingSolutions collaborate on coating technology

February 12, 2008

American Trim, Lima, Ohio, has acquired a physical vapor deposition (PVD) chamber designed to allow processing of a chromelike finish without the use of hexavalent chrome and electroplating.

The PVD process uses a base powder coating supplied by DuPont. The powder coating serves as a protective, functional layer and smoothes out the surface. According to American Trim, no sanding or buffing is required on rough parts such as castings. The PVD chamber is utilized to deposit the very thin layer of metal; parts then are coated with a clear acrylic topcoat.

The process is designed primarily for decorative finishing in the heavy-duty truck and automotive industries, American Trim reports. Other applications include appliance, recreational vehicle, furniture, and building products. American Trim will utilize co-branding with DuPont as a member of its Star CoaterSMprogram.

American Trim specializes in the forming, decorating, and coating of metal and composite substrates. DuPont is a provider of science-based products and services.