Electrex celebrates 50th anniversary

March 13, 2007

Electrex Company, Inc, Harrison Township, Mich., is celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

Established in 1957 to provide electrical contracting, the company installed primary services and wired buildings, presses, and other machines. In the 1980s, with the energy crisis depressing economic growth, and again in the 2000s with the auto industry in decline, President Larry Page sought out ways to diversify the company in order to position it for future growth. His vision helped the company expand into engineering and computer-aided design, electrical construction, mechanical, controls and automation, metal finishing/plating machines, back-up generators, electrical testing and maintenance, alternative energy, and telecommunications.

Today the company is headquartered in a 65,000 square foot modern, energy-efficient (SMART) facility with an advanced electrical design, a fully stocked warehouse, custom panel assembly area, and CAD technology with built-in drawing capabilities. It also contains 35 fully equipped specialty service and construction vehicles.