GREENKOTE authorizes license agreement with Eco-Tech Coatings

November 10, 2009

Eco-Tech Coatings LLC has purchased a license from GREENKOTE® Plc, Cleveland, to apply the GREENKOTE thermodiffusion coating process to its products.

The company is using the eco-friendly GREENKOTE PM-1 and PM-10 zinc thermodiffusion coating processes in its new Tyler, Texas, facility on customer fasteners, castings, coil springs, and a variety of metal stampings to help increase corrosion protection and improve performance.

Eco-Tech Coatings was formed by the merging of resources from two companies and provides service to the petroleum production, water distribution, fastener, and metal stamping industries, as well as some applications for military specifications.

GREENKOTE Plc offers protective coatings for parts used in the automotive, construction, defense/small weapon, and electronics industries. The company has plant locations and licenses in the U.S., Mexico, Germany, U.K., and Israel.