GREENKOTE expands production in Germany

October 13, 2009

GREENKOTE® Plc, a global coating technology company with headquarters in Cleveland, has expanded production at its location in Sauerlach, Germany. The new plant production area operates multiple shifts on two production lines to support its customers throughout Europe.

The production team provides duplex coatings on stampings for VW, duplex coatings on lock parts for Audi, coatings on construction bolts for Peri, and machine parts for Starlinger. The company also has received a trial order from Daimler.

Since January 2009, the plant has offered GREENKOTE PM thermo-diffusion coatings to add corrosion resistance and wear protection to parts made from a variety of metals, alloys, and sintered powders. Capabilities include automotive stampings and fasteners, small metal castings, powder metal parts, construction bolts and hardware, machinery parts, and offshore oil and gas industry fittings and hardware.